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What Do You Want to Know...?

About Tinkerin Myndz

The explanation of Tinkerin Myndz isn't one that comes easy, as it isn't one that can be condensed into a few short lines.

Tinkerin Myndz is more than just "somewhere to drop the kids", it's more than just a creative workshop or fun events.

Tinkerin Myndz is "that place" that place that every parent longs to find for their child.

The place that parents know that when they're dropping off the children to have fun, their children are actually getting so much more than they expect.

They are going to their SAFE place, where they can go and not be put "in a box", not be looked at funny because they do something or like something that isn't the "norm".

It's a safe place to let themselves be free. To be allowed to say if they don't like something or shout it out loud if they do. 

At Tinkerin Myndz we take our time to get to know each and every child individually. We find out as much as we can about the children before they even step foot in the door and we do this for 4 reasons. 

1. We believe that even though children can be similar is some ways, each and every child is completely different and each child has something special about themselves that deserves the chance to be let free to explore. 

2. Where possible we like to take the time to put groups of children together who we think we embrace each other well. Helping children feel more comfortable to be themselves but also showing children that, no matter where they are from, what their belief are or what their IQ is, everybody is perfect in their own way.

3. We welcome ALL children!

Even though we make sure to make necessary adaptations for children on the spectrum, we believe all children should be loved are treated with the same respect.

Labels do not exist in Tinkerin Myndz. 

4. A child's Mental Health is just as important as an adults, and we strongly believe every child should have a place they can go to for a break from the world. 

Please join us on our journey and add to the magic of our children's childhoods, by giving them all the opportunities we can to be the best version on themselves and showing them just how far our love and support can really go. 

The TM Team 2.jpg

Meet The Team


"The Mastermind"

The one who puts the ideas from paper into action.

Builds friendships with the children and helps them come out of their shell, paying close attention to each individual child's needs and wants and going above and beyond to make it all happen. 

Sadie is a qualified SNA, as well also having 9 different spectrum related courses, TCI training, HACCAP, Manual Handling, First Aid & First Responder training completed.

"The Kindest Helping Hand"

Our Lovely Leanne, has the kindest and bubbliest personality. Since joining the team Leanne has grown along side TM in the most fabulous way. Building solid friendships with the children and always willing to go the extra mike to help, we'd be lost without her. 

"The BFG"

Zack may look a little scary with his crazy tall legs and long beard, but he really is our Big Friendly Giant. Not only does he bring his kind and mannerly ways to TM, he brings a huge variety of talents too. You'd never know what random ideas he could come up with.


"Mother Bear / The Final Say"

Without this woman Tinkerin Myndz wouldn't have the finishing touches of perfection to everything we do.

This lady is the glue that keeps all our mess together, just as mothers do.


"The Main Man / The Fixer"

We are blessed to have such unbelievable talent. Working behind the scenes to make sure the children have a safe environment, amazing party props and overall keeping everything running smoothly inside and out. 


Ava Pearl 

"The Mini Mastermind"

The OG Tinkerin Mynd!

Without Ava Tinkerin Myndz wouldn't of started at all.

The little girl with the big heart brings all the ideas to the paper and gives the insight into inspiring all kinds of children. 

"Fantastic array of activities for all age groups!. hosts were extremely friendly and put my daughter at ease straight away.. She absolutely loved every minute of it and we will definitely be back again.."

5* Facebook Review

"Great fun for the kids just to play as they want. Lots to do. Really well thought out. Definitely going back!"

5* Facebook Review

"We had a birthday party here, it was amazing. Highly recommended. Sadie did an amazing job with decorations and the kids loved her. was such a relaxing day and didn't want to go home. Very friendly people and the atmosphere was lovely, will definitely go again it's so worth it!"

5* Facebook Review

Thank You!
"A fantastic place for your child to grow and learn new skills while having a great time. Sadie is fantastic with children Aisling loves her weekly visits and we are looking forward to the summer camp!"

5* Facebook Review

"Great fun for the kids just to play as they want. Lots to do. Really well thought out. Definitely going back!"

5* Facebook Review

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