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One To One 

A One To One at Tinkerin Myndz is a great way to introduce your child to new activities. Our One To Ones are suitable for all children. Whether your child is shy and needs encouragement to become more confident and then slowly introduced into new groups or if your child needs a place to go for a break away from life, ( because yes, sometimes our children need that too 😊) we have them covered. 
In our cool, calm and relaxing environment we give the children a chance to regulate themselves. Getting to know the children by taking the time to listen to them, and allowing them to do things they would like to do and explore their interests that they may not get the time or head space to do at school or home.  
Tinkerin Myndz' One To Ones are by NO means Play Therapy or Child Counselling, but many parents have commented their children have benefited from it in the same way.  

Tinkerin Myndz is a safe place for children to learn to be themselves and feel comfortable doing things they enjoy or learning something new that they may not necessarily feel comfortable to do in front of others.

Please Note* All our workshops, One To Ones and Camps are based on a drop and collect system unless requested otherwise. 

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