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Creative Workshops

A weekly 1.5hr Creative Workshop suitable for children ages 3+
With the themes changing each week, children get the opportunity to explore all types of  activities they may have never thought they would of liked before.

These workshops are a great taster for children to find themselves and discover an afterschool hobby suits them most.

Different workshops available include:
Art's & Craft's

(ie.Under the sea, The wild west, On the bus, Disneyland)
Anything Goes

(Children decide what they would like to do and we make it happen)

All workshops are Spectrum friendly 
Calm & relaxing environment 
All materials provided
Anything the children make they can take home with them.

If there is something you would like your child to work on, for example sharing,

let us know and we can make a point to focus on it throughout our workshops.

Please Note* All our workshops and camps are based on a drop and collect system unless requested otherwise. 

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